What Causes And Triggers Psoriasis?

The cause of psoriasis still isn’t known; but what we do know is that the cells in the skin multiply too quickly, resulting in the raised patches of redness and scaling. It can be made worse by foods, stress, the environment we live in, even though these aren’t causes.

Common Symptoms And Signs Of Psoriasis

Mainly it is a red, raised rash with a silvery, scaly
surface, that can be very itchy. There are different
types, each of which has a different type of rash,
and sometimes the joints and other organs are involved.

How Does Suu Balm Help With Psoriasis Relief?

We understand how persistent itch and sleepless nights could affect your quality of life. Our products have been developed to help.

Our Creams And Sprays For Psoriasis

Relief psoriasis itch in minutes:

Using cooling and soothing menthol.

Repair the skin barrier:

Skin-identical ceramides lock in moisture.

Our Body Washes And Facial Cleansers For Psoriasis

Cleanse using the most gentle ingredients:

No SLS, SLES and parabens.

Leave the skin soft, not dry and tight:

Using moisturisers and a unique, creamy texture.

To meet your needs for face and scalp, we have created
specialised products that target the different trigger zones. An ultra gentle kids range provides soothing comfort to your young ones. These products have been created after years of dermatological research at Singapore's National Skin Centre. They are proven hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.